About Clan Colquhoun International Society


I consider it an honor that Sir Malcolm has asked me to serve as President of Clan Colquhoun International. It is a privilege to serve the membership as we launch the new organization. Our goal is to promote, protect, and preserve our clan's history and heritage. Regardless of how our members spell their name, or from which sept they come, we are all tied to the Village of Luss on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond – some of the most beautiful land in the world.

How many Scottish Clans have descendants that are still in possession of family lands after nearly a millennium? That alone is cause for celebration! Our membership will be spread across the globe and our mission is to have an organization to share genealogy and family history in our desire to connect with our Colquhoun ancestors. I encourage you to join us as we build an organization that will bring our history into the present and safeguard our legacy for future generations.

Patrick Calhoun, President, Clan Colquhoun International