The McMains of Dunbartonshire

dumbarton castleThe McMains are a sept of Colquhoun and had been loyal servants of the Colquhouns for generations. The origins of the name are from 'son of Magnus '. The spelling of the name, like so many others, changed every time it was written down, although it obviously refers to the same persons. " As early as 1521 we find John McMaines listed among the witnesses to a deed of Sasine to the lands of Tullichintuall to Sir John Colquhoun of Luss. The document, written in Latin, lists the witnesses as Robert Culquhoun, Rector of Dunbar, John Culquhoun, Canone in Glasgow, Archibald Culquhoun, Roberto Culquhoun domino iunger de Camstradone, Murdaco Steward, Andrea Denzelston, and Johannes McMenis seriando (servants).


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