Sept and Family Names

As information becomes available, this list will be updated.


Below is a list of names associated with Colquhoun with their possible connections. The main Clan names are in bold.


Cahoon Irish form of Colquhoun 

Cahoone Irish form of Colquhoun 

Cahoun Irish form of Colquhoun 

Cahn variation of Colquhoun 

Cahun variation of Colquhoun. 

Calhoon American form of Colquhoun 

Calhoun American form of Colquhoun 

Caun corruption of Colquhoun 

Cessoc associated with Kessog of Luss 

Cohan corruption of Colquhoun


Cothun corruption of Colquhoun

Cowan corruption of Colquhoun 

Cowen corruption of Colquhoun 

Cowing corruption of Colquhoun 

Culchom corruption of Colquhoun 

Culhane corruption of Colquhoun 

Gahn Swedish form of Colquhoun 

Gilmer variation of Gilmore 

Gilmore associated with Luss 

Gilmakessoc associated with Luss 

Ingram accepted as descendants of Ingram de Colquhoun 

Kahn variation of Colquhoun 

Kessan variation of Kessog 

Kessog name associated with Luss area





Lang descriptive name for a tall person found in many areas 

Law common name in Glasgow area 

Leckie a common name in Colquhoun lands in Dumbartonshire 

Lennox name found in the Lennox district, long associated with Luss 

Luss name associated with Luss area 

MacA'Chambaich Gaelic form of Colquhoun 

Macauslan strictly Buchanans but lived in Glen Douglas & intermarried Colquhouns 

MacClintock Irish form of McLintock 

MacCowan variation on Cowan 

MacKessog associated with Luss parish 

MacKinlay lived on Colquhoun lands 

MacLinden variation on McLintock 


MacManus lived among and serve the Colquhoun families 

MacMains variation of Mcmanus 

McOwen variation of Cowan 

MacWalter local family name in Luss parish 



Qulchone variation of Colquhoun 

Smith an occupational name found in many areas 

Smollett family associated with Dumbartonshire 

Walker occupational name found in many areas 


Please note this list is not exclusive but covers the most common forms of the names.