The Colquhoun Family

Sir Malcolm R Colquhoun of Luss, 9th Baronet, is the 31st Chief of Clan Colquhoun and 33rd of Luss, the latest in a line of Chiefs that stretches back to the 13th century. The Colquhoun lands lie on the west side of Loch Lomond, celebrated in song and fable, and Camstraddan House, just to the south of the beautiful village of Luss, remains home to Sir Malcolm and his family to the present day.

Married to Katharine (Kate), Sir Malcolm has two sons, Patrick (32) and Fergus (22), and a daughter Georgina (20), the latter two both currently studying at Oxford University. Sir Malcolm recently became a grandfather, with the birth of Patrick's son Arthur, last July. Sir Malcolm started his career in land agency and property development, but when he met Kate in 1985 he became involved with her new venture, a primary school she had just started in London. Today the school has 830 students and 170 staff – a far cry from its modest beginnings. Sir Malcolm inherited the title on the death of his father Sir Ivar in 2008, and now divides his time between his duties in London and Scotland. From Luss he oversees the running of the family estates of some 45,000 acres, a thriving concern with interests in agriculture, forestry, tourism and renewable energy – as he says, these great estates can only survive if they become modern businesses, and he is determined that his legacy shall be to achieve that. Last August, the Luss Estate opened the fully refurbished Loch Lomond Arms Hotel in Luss, to critical acclaim from reviewers and Trip Advisor commentators alike.

Sir Malcolm loves shooting (hunting), playing the piano, opera, reading and – as it says in his entry in Who's Who – "beautifying things". Describing himself as a "Scottish sheep farmer", he explains his ongoing involvement in the family schools business by noting disarmingly that children are remarkably similar to sheep, and if you can manage the one, you can surely manage the other!